Build a bot to...

Alert you when market conditions change

Perform repetitive trading tasks efficiently

Sell call options to collect premium

Protect your portfolio with put options

Automate your personal trading strategy

Use advanced strategies shared by experts

We provide the platform, data and tools to build bots for the stock market.

Build a bot to execute your personal trading strategy... even when you're busy.

Create your strategy easily with our drag and drop tools.

Interactive documentation and tutorials to help you get started.

Test your bots with free paper trading account.

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Never miss an opportunity

Bots are always watching, continuously scanning for the specific entry and exit opportunities you define.

Get your orders in first

Take advantage of opportunities much faster than a person can put in a manual order.

Leverage more data

Instantly process data for many financial instruments concurrently to make more informed trading decisions.

Remove emotions, reduce mistakes

Bots always follow the rules of the strategy, without letting emotions get in the way.

Powered by the first framework for strategy automation.

Strategy Engine
  • Ultra high performance node.js runtime
  • Hot swap algorithms with no downtime
Instruments and Analysis
  • Equities, options and many types of spreads
  • Minute, day, week, month & year historical data
  • Virtual charts with over 200 technical indicators
  • Watch, filter & scan live option chains
  • Standard deviation & probabilities
Market Data Connectors
  • Real-time binary streaming data
  • Support for multiple quote providers
  • Flexible 3rd party data modules
Trade Workflow
  • Equity, option, and complex spread trades
  • Smart Pricing automates order pricing
  • Simulation engine for paper trading
  • Trade validation with customizable rules
Position & Risk Management
  • Support for over 20 types of complex positions
  • Easily define custom position types
  • Real-time risk/reward, return, etc for positions
  • Risk tolerance & fund allocation settings
Retail Broker Connectors
  • Full trade workflow using broker's API
  • Real-time balances & positions
Developer Center
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