Introducing Alta5

Scriptable trading automation for your online brokerage account. Alta5 transforms your online brokerage account into your personal automation platform. Join Now →


All the tools you need to turn your trading strategy into a bot.

Strategy Builder

Use our data APIs and simple instructions provided in JavaScript to build your personal trading strategy. Read intro →

Alta5 Console

Use our intuitive scripting console to simulate and debug bot events, perform custom research, inspect data and more. Watch video →

Paper Trading

Benchmark and paper trade your strategy for free. Full support for equity, option and spread paper trading.

"But I'm not a quant!"

Alta5 is a new, innovative approach to algorithmic trading designed for those of us who aren't quants. Here are some things we do differently:

  • Build your strategy using an intuitive step by step approach that follows how a human trades.
  • Instructions are provided in JavaScript, the easy-to-learn scripting language that powers the web.
  • Easy-to-use risk management controls ensure your bots never exceed capital or position limits, even if something goes wrong.
  • Smart pricing uses automation and machine learning to ensure you get the best possible price, automatically.

Options strategy automation

We tackle common challenges faced by options traders in innovative ways that will quickly become an indispensible part of your toolkit.

Smart Pricing

Smart Pricing uses timed limit orders between the bid/ask spread to get orders filled at the best available price.

Always Watching

Option prices change quickly. Your bots are always watching, ready to take advantage of opportunities or avoid potential losses.


Instantly benchmark bots trading your option strategy against any underlying long or short equity position.

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