BotOS 2.0 has landed!

December 19, 2017 | Rocco Savage

The new BotOS 2.0 update is all about control. It redefines what’s possible with Alta5, adding all new bot control panels that you can customize with buttons, switches and readouts to trigger scripts, interactions, modify behavior, analyze/display data, etc. – it’s up to you!









BotOS 2.0 transforms each bot into a fully customizable trading experience for any trading style – even manual trading – leveraging Alta5′s opportunity automation, Smart Pricing, data, notifications, logging, benchmarking and more. The bot dashboard has been redesigned to include reserved space for your new control panels. Let the bot building begin!



BotOS 2.0 introduces another exciting new capability for bots: interactions. The first type of interaction, prompts, allow a bot to ask for your input. When combined with buttons in the control panel, prompts allow you to create sophisticated multi-step interactions.














Increased reliability, speed and responsiveness!

Last week we updated our TD Ameritrade integration to phase 2 which added a direct connection to TD Ameritrade’s order router for real-time trade events. Our phase 1 integration (polling for trade updates through the API) now acts as an automatic backup, increasing reliability. The difference is quite noticeable as the time to receive trade events fell from 2-3 seconds to < 100 milliseconds.

Along with the performance boost, our phase 2 integration introduces 2 new data APIs that can be used to monitor your portfolio for changes, manage capital draw limits, etc.

$data.balances - returns an account object with balance details.
$data.positions - returns an array of the open positions in the specified account.

Send yourself notifications

BotOS 2.0 introduces a new $bot.notify function that allows you to trigger notifications with custom messages. We also updated notifications for the mobile app to display messages on the lock screen.






Additional updates in recent weeks:

- Added maxDraw option to $ that allows you to specific the max capital draw for an individual opportunity on the fly.

- Added a toolbar button to automatically format code in all script editors.

- Added ability to delete log entries from a bot’s log.

- Added ability to toggle between inputs and display data on the bot dashboard.

- Added additional documentation links to the sidebar in console and script editor.

- Added match/matchOne functions to all Alta5 collections e.g. $bot.opps.matchOne({type: ‘shortcall’, isOpen: true});

- Improved support for using the web app in multiple tabs.

- Opportunity limit extended to 10


We’ve been receiving a lot of questions about how Alta5 works, membership details, data requests, etc. Thank you for the time taken to ask the questions. We have created a FAQ at the bottom of the membership page that will hopefully answer any questions you might have. If not, please ask us!

PS: We’ve extended the launch sale until the end of 2017!


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