Update from Alta5 HQ – July 26th, 2017

July 26, 2017 | Jack Slocum

Our dev team has been very active this month and I would first like to thank everyone who gave feedback and helped us track down the bugs we ran into. We sincerely appreciate your input and understanding as we continue to develop the Alta5 platform.

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

  • We’ve launched the Alta5 mobile app for iPhone!

    - Start, monitor and control your Alta5 bots.
    - Stay informed of bots’ activity with push notifications.
    - Close opportunities any time, including after-hours.

    (Android version coming in our next dev cycle)

  • Redesigned Opportunity Screen

    - Added ability to manually close opportunities.
    - Added queue for opening and closing opportunities after-hours.
    - Added trade memos.

  • Redesigned Activity Feed

    - Improved layout and readability.
    - Added link directly to opportunity details.
    - Added trade memos.

  • New “Quick tour” in the strategy builder.

    A quick intro to the builder interface with examples.

  • Added dynamic caching layer to the Alta5 $data service resulting in 10x performance improvement system wide.
  • Fixed icon resetting to default icon when upgrading a bot.
  • Fixed bug where batch loading quotes caused bots to hang “starting”.
  • Fixed bug that prevented bots from loading TSLA (Tesla).

What’s Next?

Next week, we begin testing our live trading integration with TD Ameritrade. In sync, we will be rolling out a new feature that enables you to require your approval before a bot can open a new opportunity.

After the TD Ameritrade integration, next on our roadmap is an API that enables bots to request human input/decisions in real-time via the Alta5 mobile app. With the ability to pause/resume, close opportunities at anytime, approve/deny new opportunities and request additional input when needed, we move closer to our long-term vision – interactive 2-way communication. These features will further separate Alta5 from the traditional backtesting/blackbox model and enable an unprecedented human/machine partnership as discussed in Can a Computer Do it Better?. I hope you are as excited about it as I am; I’m eager to see what we can build with this pioneering technology.


  1. Hudson Wilde

    Jack Slocum – sounds very familiar. Are you the guy who wrote extJS? I remember you being active around 2007 on extjs boards.
    I am very interested in JS based platform.
    Question: if I open the thinkorswim account on TDAmeritrade today, would it work with alta5 when you release the integration?
    Thanks, Nick

  2. Jack Slocum Post author

    Hey Nick, yes, that’s me. And yes to your question. I’m sure you already know that now though.

    PS. You could use that pic in the community. :)

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