Alta5 update: Live trading is here!

October 16, 2017 | Jack Slocum

Three years ago we began working on a vision of bringing together a community of like-minded investors who wanted a new way to trade systematically. Our hope was we would start building Alta5 and you would join us in making that vision a reality. Today, grateful and overwhelmed by your support and patience along the way, we’re excited to announce we’ve completed our TD Ameritrade integration and it’s finally time to unleash our bots on the stock market. I hope you are excited, I know I am!

When you sign in to the web app today, in the right column on your dashboard is a checklist. There are two steps to activate live trading and officially start bot trading. If you have any questions, please post in the community and we will answer asap.

This major update includes several other new APIs, samples and features:

New $data APIs:

$data.optionrange – Automation API to load and automatically maintain a range of options by delta or theta for a bot. Provides APIs for looking up specific options in the range. Replaces complex code that loops thru an array of options searching for greek values.

$data.optionseries – Lookup details about an option series and strike prices. Provides a way to look up strike prices beforehand to avoid the “unable to find all specified strikes” error.

New and updated sample strategies:

Tasty Condor 2.0 – The Tasty Condor strategy was revised to use the new $data.optionrange API and a single Iron Condor opportunity instead of opening 2 spreads separately. We highly recommend upgrading to the new version, especially for live trading. While testing Tasty Condor bots live, we found 2 issues with the original implementation:
- TD Ameritrade doesn’t match up the spread trades which results in double the draw while the 2 trades are active.
- Sometimes 1 side would fill and the other wouldn’t.
Using the new APIs and features the strategy is much easier to follow and the amount of code was reduced by 75%!

Bull Bounce – A bullish version of the Bear Bounce 3 strategy that sells bull put spreads.

New and updated docs:

Alta5 docs received a major update including more thorough API coverage, code samples and a clean, minimal UI. New docs:

Capital & Risk Controls – Learn about draw, capital and other risk controls in Alta5.

Opportunity docs – We added detailed docs for each individual type of opportunity.

New console sample scripts:

In the “Library” of the Alta5 Console, there are now sample scripts including a very thorough pre-earnings research/analysis script.

New features:

Iron Condor opportunity – You can now open iron condor spreads as a single opportunity with a single order.

$bot.enableAfterhours – Set to true to temporarily allow you to open opportunities after hours. This can be useful when coding / testing a strategy and the market is closed.

Opportunity cancel event – Added cancel event to bot that can be used to retry and/or adjust prices when an opportunity is canceled / times out.

Clone bots – Ready to go live? Clone an existing bot. You have the option to tweak any settings before it is started.

Approvals – Once activated for a bot, you will receive a notification to approve all new opportunities before they are opened:

What’s Next?

Now that our live trading integration is complete, in the near-term we will be shifting our focus to working with the Alta5 community to create additional sample strategies, docs and opportunities. If there is a particular type of strategy or opportunity you would like to see, please join us in the community.

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